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CCNA1 - Final Exam v3.1

Final Exam v3.1

Options with "*" are correct answer

1 Which of the following OSI layers offers reliable, connection-oriented data communication services?
* transport

2 Router interface Ethernet 0 has been assigned the IP address What is the network IP address of this interface?

3 Examine the graphic with current configurations. The New York Offices of ABC Company recently upgraded the computers in the administrative office. Shortly after the upgrade, Host A in the clerical office failed and was replaced with one of the retired administrative office computers. However, the computer can not access the company network in the new location. What is the likely cause of this network access issue for Host A?
MAC address incorrectly entered
* default gateway incorrectly entered
subnet mask incorrectly entered
IP address incorrectly entered

4 Which of the following increases the potential for a collision to occur?
the use of an active hub instead of an intelligent hub
the use of an intelligent hub instead of an active hub
a reduction in the number of devices attached to the hub
* an increase in the number of devices attached to the hub *

5 What is attenuation?
opposition to the flow of current
measurement of electrical signals relative to time

* degradation of a signal as it travels along the medium
amount or volume of traffic that is flowing on the medium

6 Two peer hosts are running applications that exchange data using UDP. During the current session, a datagram fails to arrive at the destination. What is true concerning the retransmission of the datagram?
Datagram retransmission occurs when the retransmission timer expires in the source host.
Datagram retransmission occurs when the retransmission timer expires in the destination host.
* Datagram retransmission is controlled by the application layer protocol.
Datagram retransmission involves only the data with sequence numbers equal to or higher than the sequence number of the current datagram.

7 What is significant about the ping command?
* It verifies the operation of the TCP/IP protocol stack on a host and is called an internal loopback test.
It verifies connection to the remote host with the IP address
It verifies whether the router that connects the local network to other networks can be reached.
It verifies the route packets take between the local host and the host with the IP address

8 Which LAN switching mode has the highest latency?
fast forward
latency forwarding
* store-and-forward

9 Which of the following application layer protocols use UDP segments? (Choose two.)

10 Which cable specifications are indicated by 100BASE-T?
100-Mbps transmission speed, baseband signal, coaxial cable
100-Mbps transmission speed, broadband signal, twisted-pair cable
* 100-Mbps transmission speed, baseband signal, twisted-pair cable
Equal to 10-Gbps transmission speed, baseband signal, twisted-pair cable

11 When is a crossover cable used in a network?
when connecting a host to the router console port
when connecting a host to a switch
* when connecting a host to a host
when connecting a switch to a router

12 Refer to the graphic. What must be configured on Host A to allow it communicate with the e-mail server? (Choose three.)
IP address *
subnet mask *
default gateway *
router name
switch name
NetBIOS name address

13 Which cable diagram displays the end to end pinout for a crossover cable used with Cisco devices?
Cable A
Cable B
* Cable C
Cable D

14 Which type of address is
* host address
network address
broadcast address
multicast address

15 How many collision domains are shown in the diagram?
* seven

16 When is a straight-through cable used in a network?

when connecting a router through the console port
when connecting one switch to another switch
* when connecting a host to a switch
when connecting a router to another router

17 How does network cable length affect attenuation?
Category 5 cable that is run in metal conduit has the highest attenuation in the shortest distance.
Shorter cable lengths have greater signal attenuation.
* Longer cable lengths have greater signal attenuation.
The length of the cable has no effect on signal attenuation.

18 Which of the following statements are correct about CSMA/CD? (Choose three.)

* It is a media access method used in LANs.
It is a media access method used in FDDI WANs.
* When a device needs to transmit, it checks to see if the media is available.
A device sends data without checking media availability because all devices have equal access. Multiple devices can successfully transmit simultaneously.
* Only one device can successfully transmit at a time.

19 Which of the following must be present for current to flow? (Choose three.)
* closed loop
bit-generating device
insulating material
* source of voltage
* load

20 If Host A pings Host B through a newly installed switch with no entries in the MAC address table, which stations will receive the ping packet?
B only
A and B
B and switch
A, B, and switch
B, C, D, and switch *
A, B, C, D, and switch

21 Which devices shown in the graphic must have a MAC address?
only PC
only router
PC and router
PC, hub, and router
* PC, printer, and router

22 What kind of connection is represented in the graphic?
* console connection
Ethernet connection
ISDN connection
leased line connection

23 Which of the following is the decimal representation of the binary number 11010011?
* 211

24 Which type of cable is required to make a connection between a router console port and a PC COM port?
straight-through cable
crossover cable
* rollover cable
DB-9 cable
coaxial cable

25 Determine the number of useable networks and hosts for the IP address
4 networks / 62 hosts
6 networks / 64 hosts
32 networks / 8 hosts
* 6 networks / 30 hosts
8 networks / 32 hosts
2 networks / 8 hosts

26 A network administrator is placing an older router back in to service. The administrator discovered that the IOS and configuration files need to be updated to meet the LAN specifications. Which application layer protocol is used to transfer the new configuration files into the router memory?

27 Which of the following best describes Spanning Tree Protocol?
It enables a network to span across multiple physical segments.
* It enables a switch to eliminate switching loops.
It enables a switch to dynamically choose the best switch mode.
It enables a switch to perform as a router.

28 Which of the following subnet masks could be used when subnetting a Class B IP address? (Choose two.)

29 How is data encapsulated as it is moved down the OSI model?
data, segments, frames, packets, bits
data, packets, segments, frames, bits
* data, segments, packets, frames, bits
data, packets, frames, segments, bits

30 Which of the following describes latency?
the noise generated from outside a cable
the degradation of a signal as it travels along the media
the time required for a NIC to place a frame on the network media
* the delay between the time a frame leaves its source device and reaches its destination

31 Which of the following is the binary representation of the decimal number 111?
* 01101111

32 Which LAN switching mode begins switching after reading only the first 64 bytes of the frame?
fast forward
* fragment-free
latency forwarding

33 When using Category 5 UTP cable, which RJ-45 pin pairs are used to exchange data between hosts on an Ethernet network?
1 and 2; 4 and 5
* 1 and 2; 3 and 6
3 and 6; 7 and 8
4 and 5; 7 and 8

34 Which of the following commands could be used on a Windows-based computer to view the current IP configuration of the system? (Choose two.)
* ipconfig
* winipcfg

35 Which type of address is
host address
network address
* broadcast address
multicast address

36 Which of the following networking devices increase the number of collision domains? (Choose three.)
* switch
* router
* bridge

37 What information can be determined from the MAC addresses of PC1, PC2, and PC3, as shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)
PC1 and PC2 NICs need to be replaced because they have the same OUI identifier.
PC2 and PC3 NICs need to be replaced because they have different OUI identifiers.
* PC1 and PC2 NICs are from the same vendor.
PC1 and PC3 NICs need to be replaced because they have the same vendor-assigned address.
* PC2 and PC3 NICs are from different vendors.
PC2 and PC3 NICs are from the same vendor.

38 Which of the following are considered WAN technologies? (Choose two.)
Wireless Ethernet
* T1-Carrier
Token Ring

39 Which one of the router connectors shown in the graphic would be used for a LAN connection?
Connector A
Connector B
* Connector C
Connector D

How is full-duplex capability typically achieved in fiber-optic cable?
* Two fibers are encased in separate sheaths.
Light is bounced at different rates in opposite directions.
Transmit speeds are so high that half-duplex is acceptable.
Colors of the light spectrum are separated into transmit and receive streams.

Which of the following are characteristics of IP? (Choose three.)
connection-oriented protocol
* connectionless protocol
reliable protocol
* unreliable protocol
* routed protocol
routing protocol

Which of the following describe the token-passing logical topology? (Choose two.)
* FDDI is an example of a token-passing network.
Token-passing logical topologies must also be physical ring topologies.
One of the disadvantages of the token-passing logical topology is the high collision rate.
Computers transmit data after "listening" to the wire to detect other traffic.
* Computers are allowed to transmit data only when they possess a token.

What is the maximum length of a media segment used for 100BASE-TX?
* 100 meters
185 meters
400 meters
500 meters

Which of the following networking devices divide a network into separate collision domains? (Choose two.)

* bridge
* switch

Which of the following are characteristics of UTP cable? (Choose three.)
* Each wire is covered by insulating material.
It is not affected by EMI or RFI.
* It is a four-pair wire medium.*
It is difficult to terminate the cable.
* It relies on the cancellation effect produced by the twisted wire pairs.
It is more expensive than any other type of LAN cabling.

Examine the graphic with current configurations. Host A in the Clerical offices failed and was replaced. Although a ping to was successful, the replacement computer can not access the company network. What is the likely cause of the problem?
IP address incorrectly entered
network cables unplugged
* subnet mask incorrectly entered
network card failure

Which of the following describes a physical full-mesh topology?
It requires termination at both ends of the cable.
It uses a hub or a switch as a central point to connect all wires.
* It provides maximum connectivity between all network systems.
It links all computers to a main computer that controls all traffic on the network.

Which two statements describe the TFTP protocol? (Choose two.)
uses authenticated file transfer procedure
provides connection-oriented service
* provides connectionless service
provides more features that FTP
* lacks most of the features of FTP

Which of the following are transport layer protocols of the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)


Which type of UTP network cable connects two Cisco switches?
* crossover

How will the MAIN router dynamically learn a route to the subnetwork in the diagram?
with a routed protocol
* with a routing protocol
with a static route
with a directly connected route

Which of the following describes the RIP version 1 routing protocol?
Cisco proprietary hybrid protocol
* distance vector protocol that uses hop count as the only metric
link state protocol supporting multiple routed protocols
distance vector protocol that uses delay, bandwidth, load, and reliability metrics

53How many broadcast domains are shown in the diagram?
* three

Which of the following are advantages of UTP cable? (Choose three.)
* less expensive than fiber optic
* flexible and easy to run in a building
distance between signal boosts is longer than it is for coaxial
* transmits data at a faster rate than any copper-based media
receives less RMF and EMI interference than other types

55Convert the binary number 10111010 into its hexadecimalequivalent. Select the correct answer from the list below.
* BA

56Convert the Hexadecimal number A2 into its Base 10 equivalent. Select the correct answer from the list below.
* 162

57Select the necessary information that is required to compute the estimated time it would take to transfer data from one location to another. (Choose two.)
* file size
data format
network in use
type of medium
* bandwidth of the link

58Using the data transfer calculation T=S/BW, how long would it take a 4MB file to be sent over a 1.5Mbps connection?
52.2 seconds
* 21.3 seconds
6.4 seconds
2 seconds
0.075 seconds
0.0375 seconds

9What are features of the TCP/IP Transport layer? (Choose two.)
path determination
handles representation, encoding and dialog control
* uses TCP and UDP protocols
packet switching
* reliability, flow control and error correction

60Which combinations of charges will be repelled by electric force? (Choose two.)
neutral and neutral
neutral and positive
neutral and negative
* positive and positive
positive and negative
* negative and negative

61Which of the following are considered the best electrical conductors for use in data network communications? (Choose three.)
glass fibers
* copper
* gold
* silver

62During cable testing, which of the following are used to calculate the information carrying capacity of a data cable? (Choose two.)
bit speed
* attenuation
wire map
saturation limit
* analog bandwidth

63The highest capacity Ethernet technologies should be implemented in which areas of a network? (Choose three.)
between workstation and backbone switch
between individual workstations
* between backbone switches
* between enterprise server and switch
* on aggregate access links

64What device must be used between an AUI port of a networking device and the media to which it is being connected?
a transducer
a transmitter
* a transceiver
a transponder
a port replicator

65An ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) is composed of how many signaling channels?
* 1

66Which of the following items are common to all 100BASE technologies? (Choose three.)
* frame format
* timing
* multi-part encoding

67Which of the following does 1000BASE-T use to accomplish gigabit speeds on Cat 5e cable?
the use of four conductors in full-duplex mode
the use of two multiplexed pairs of wires, simultaneously
the use of three pairs of wires for data and the fourth for stabilization and forward error correction
* the use of all four pairs of wires in full-duplex mode, simultaneously

68For which of the following is Ethernet considered the standard? (Choose three.)
* inter-building connection
mid-length voice
video conferencing
* vertical wiring
* horizontal wiring
diagonal wiring

69John has been hired as the network administrator of a local company and has decided to add more hubs to the company's existing network. Which of the following has been caused by John's inexperience?
* collision domain extended
an increased number of collision domains
increased network performance
increased bandwidth
extended bandwidth

70"CompA" is trying to locate a new computer named "CompB" on the network. Which of the following does "CompA" broadcast to find the MAC address of "CompB"?
MAC request
* ARP request
proxy ARP

71Which of the following is a term associated with replacing hubs with switches to increase the number of collision domains?
* segmentation
layered model
broadcast domain

72The accumulation of traffic from which of the following can cause a network condition called broadcast radiation? (Choose three.)
anonymous FTP servers
telnet sessions
* video over IP applications
NAS services
* ARP requests
* RIP updates

73Which of the following describes the use of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)?
resolve routing loops
eliminate Split Horizon errors
limit collisions
* resolve switching loops

74Which term describes an ARP response by a router on behalf of a requesting host?
* Proxy ARP
Proxy RARP

75Which OSI layer encapsulates data into packets?
* network
data link

76Which OSI layer defines the functions of a router?
data link
* network

77Which of the following are Cisco proprietary routing protocols? (Choose two.)

78A company with a Class B license needs to have a minimum of 1,000 subnets with each subnet capable of accommodating 50 hosts. Which mask below is the appropriate one?

79A small company has a class C network license and needs to create five usable subnets, each subnet capable of accommodating at least 20 hosts. Which of the following is the appropriate subnet mask?

80When a network administrator applies the subnet mask to a Class A address, for any given subnet, how many IP addresses are available to be assigned to devices?
* 6

81If a network administrator needed to download files from a remote server, which protocols could the administrator use to remotely access those files? (Choose two.)

82What is established during a connection-oriented file transfer between computers? (Choose two.)
a temporary connection to establish authentication of hosts
* a connection used for ASCII or binary mode data transfer
a connection used to provide the tunnel through which file headers are transported
a command connection which allows the transfer of multiple commands directly to the remote server system
* a control connection between the client and server

83Which of the following protocols are used for e-mail transfer between clients and servers? (Choose three.)
* POP3

84What type of wiring problem is depicted in this sample of a cable tester?
a fault
a short
* an open
a split
a good map

85Which layer of the OSI model covers physical media?
* Layer 1
Layer 2
Layer 3
Layer 4
Layer 5
Layer 6

86What type of network cable is used between a terminal and a console port?
* rollover
patch cable

87What does the "10" in 10Base2 indicate about this version of Ethernet?
The version uses Base10 numbering within the frames.
* The version operates at a transmission rate of 10 Mbps.
Frames can travel 10 meters unrepeated.
The maximum frame length is 10 octets.

88How is a MAC address represented?
four groups of eight binary digits separated by a decimal point
four Base10 digits separated by a decimal point
six hexadecimal digits
* twelve hexadecimal digits
twenty-four Base10 digits

89To make sure timing limitations are not violated when implementing a 10 Mbps Ethernet network involving hubs or repeaters, a technician should adhere to which rule?
the 4-5-3 rule
the 6-4-2 rule
the 3-4-5 rule
* the 5-4-3 rule

90Which of the following wireless standards increased transmission capabilities to 11 Mbps?
* 802.11b

91Which protocol functions at the internet layer of the TCP/IP protocol suite?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP)
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
* Internet Protocol (IP)
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)

92Which of these workstation installation and setup tasks are concerned with network access layer functions? (Choose two.)
configuring the e-mail client
* installing NIC drivers
configuring IP network settings
* connecting the network cable
using FTP to download application software updates

93Which part of an IP address identifies a specific device on a network?
first two octets
third and fourth octets
network portion
* host portion
only the fourth octet

94Which of the following are features of the Internet Protocol (IP)? (Choose two.)
* It is the most widely implemented global addressing scheme.
It allows two hosts to share a single address on a local area network.
* It is a hierarchical addressing scheme allowing addresses to be grouped.
It is only locally significant, used primarily on local area networks.

95In a new network installation, the network administrator has decided to use a medium that is not affected by electrical noise. Which cable type will best meet this standard?
screened twisted pair
shielded twisted pair
unshielded twisted pair
* fiber optic

96What is the recommended maximum number of workstations configured on a peer-to-peer network?
* 10

97What is the maximum distance that 10BASE-T will transmit data before signal attenuation affects the data delivery?
* 100 meters
185 meters
300 meters
500 meters

98Which type of institution does the domain suffix .org represent?
* non-profit

99Which of the following services is used to translate a web address into an IP address?

100Which part of the URL gives the name of the domain?

101Which of the following will test the internal loopback of a node?
* ping

102Which of the following is the Layer 4 PDU?
* segment

103Which of the following are small, discrete components found within a personal computer? (Choose three.)
* transistor
power supply
* capacitor
* light emitting diode
hard disk

104What is important to remember about the data link layer of the OSI model when considering Peer to Peer communication? (Choose three.)
It links data to the transport layer.
It encapsulates frames into packets.
* It provides a service to the network layer.
* It encapsulates the network layer information into a frame.
* Its header contains a physical address which is required to complete the data link functions.
It encodes the data link frame into a pattern of 1s and 0s (bits) for transmission on the medium.

105Which of the following are useable Class A IP addresses with a default subnet mask? (Choose three.)

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